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PHY Integration: No Shortcuts, Stronger Results

No Shortcuts, Stronger Results

PHY Integration is an essential process for any design and technology project. Setting it up right the first time is both the fastest and most efficient way you can be confident in your product long-term. We’ll tell you how we do it, how we ensure that it works, and how we’re the best people to get it done.  


Step-by-Step Expertise


Common-sense principles of chip design tell us that the most recently developed portion of the project will likely be the source of problems in the final design. This is often due to it being the least-proven piece of the final puzzle. Integration of your vendor’s high-speed SERDES PHY technology into the Trilinear DisplayPort ecosystem is frequently the last piece of code written for your chip. This is why Trilinear Technologies insists that our specialists perform this critical design work as part of the engagement between our companies for your project. 

We will provide complete integration of the PHY and demonstrate satisfaction with full regression testing on our in-house servers. We use our own custom-developed test environment and suite of tests for DisplayPort video, audio/secondary, and auxiliary traffic including MST, DSC, and HDCP, along with every other part of the design that we will be responsible for. This is how we can promise the most recent link in your long chain of integrated IP will not be the weakest. This is how we can make your DisplayPort interface work the first time.

To date, Trilinear Technologies has completed over 125 successful DisplayPort rollouts to over 50 customers worldwide. We’ve built a reputation in the industry for robust, fully-featured DisplayPort solutions and have outsold major PHY vendors’ on their native DisplayPort link layer solution in many cases. We even provided the initial DisplayPort IP for major FPGA vendors’ DP support now advertised as “native.” Our technology has gained broad acceptance in the automotive market as the number of high-resolution screens continue to increase in new vehicles.


Speed and precision. Vision above fear. Practice over theory.
Our highly experienced engineers deliver order out of disorder.