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We are vision above fear. Practice over theory. We transform pain into information. Mistakes into initiation.
And desire into undertaking. Here, quality always trumps quantity. We focus more on customer success and less on pushing work out the door. Sound familiar? Join our mission.

Who We Want:

The ideal candidate will be creative and highly motivated. They will know the difference between getting a job done and getting a job done properly. Knowing the tools and how to code is not enough. The right candidate will understand that quality matters in everything that they produce.

What to Expect


We spend most of our time developing complex designs, writing the code, and making sure that the design is thoroughly tested in simulation.


Work smarter, not harder. Continuous learning is something we support. We are always working to become experts on new standards and technology in this industry.


Remote work is often quiet, sometimes a little too quiet. We maintain an online dialogue and encourage our team to get to know one another.

Benefits and Values

Team that Cares

We take care of our team members as well as their families; we offer 100% health coverage.


Trilinear has been fully remote team since 2010. By reducing the commute and allowing more flexibility in our lives, we’ve become more productive than ever.

Time Off

A balance of hard work and time off is important. We encourage everyone to take advantage of their vacation time.


When you win, we win. That’s why we support personal and professional growth.

Learn & Grow

Investing in our team’s knowledge is a no-brainer. Classes and additional learning opportunities are shared and encouraged regularly.

Profit Sharing

Your success is our success. When the company has a good quarter, we reward our team by sharing our profits.


Senior ASIC Design Engineer

Remote US . Full Time


Verification Engineer