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We build IP for transformative DisplayPort solutions for industry leaders.

Automotive. Consumer goods. Security.
Medical. Military. Test equipment.

Consumer applications

Smartphones. Tablet PCs. Portable media players. Home theater systems. Set-top boxes. Gaming devices. Digital televisions.

Professional markets

Large touchscreens. Video servers. Video walls. Kiosks.

Automotive markets

Whole car video systems. Integrated navigation devices. Advanced driver assistance systems. Entertainment. Integrated navigation. Vehicle information systems.

Future-proofing is fiction. Reliable, resilient, complete-featured code is Trilinear.
That’s why you find our IP solutions everywhere.

The Wins



How do you help a venerable, European automotive manufacturer significantly improve the quality of their design while shortening the overall schedule by three months?

Develop a complete sub-system solution including ISO-26262 compliant hardware and software for DisplayPort 1.4, DSC 1.2, HDCP 1.4/2.2, and Forward Error Correction in both transmitter and receiver implementations. That’s what happens when you pair a team of experienced design engineers with a stable of proven technology. That’s Trilinear.



What happens when, late into the design process, you realize that your DisplayPort IP provider has no integrated solution for receiver side pixel clock recovery?

You call our engineering team and we deliver a complete design with a fully integrated customer PHY solution as well as a PLL-based clock recovery in just under three weeks. Easy.



You’re a large consumer electronics company and you need a fully featured DisplayPort Transmitter with integrated support for DP 1.4, eDP 1.4b and DSC 1.2 that can run at speed in both a 7nm ASIC process and an FPGA prototype.

We got you. Our complete solution for this demanding application, along with a set of supporting design tools and system software, significantly reduces the time to FPGA prototype approval and mass production.

Our VESA-compliant, proprietary cores give you the power to design product faster, shorten time-to-market, and reduce overall costs—all with cores that never fail, regardless of design requirements.

The Lab

Wins come from Innovation. Silicon-proven, mature IP doesn’t just happen. It takes an attitude of innovation, a willingness to fail, rigorous testing, and dedicated iteration. Like anything of value, building something right takes time. And time is exactly what The Lab is all about.

PHY Integration: No Shortcuts, Stronger Results


PHY Integration is an essential process for any design and technology project. Setting it up right the first time is both the fastest and most efficient way you can be confident in your product long-term. We’ll tell you how we do it, how we ensure that it works, and how we’re the best people to get it done.  


Because “good” isn’t good enough, our experts are always in
The Lab designing what’s next in DisplayPort IP.

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