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DisplayPort 2.1 – Trilinear’s Complete Solution

Trilinear Technologies’ latest – DisplayPort 2.1

Challenges of delivering today’s most innovative display solution while accelerating your time to market

Since the advent of VESA’s first DisplayPort standard in 2006, Trilinear has been at the forefront of cutting-edge DisplayPort IP design and software. Including dozens of designs and millions of units in production for top global organizations.

With the never-ending demand for the highest resolutions and most immersive visual experiences, Trilinear’s latest DisplayPort solution brings unparalleled bandwidth & refresh rates, improved dynamic HDR, and versatile connectivity options to unleash the true potential of your project.

With the inclusion of software such as Display Stream Compression (DSC) and Multi-Stream Transport (MST), now standard with the latest DisplayPort version, it’s been a challenge for any IP providers to release a fully compliant version of the latest VESA standard. This is where Trilinear’s years of providing this supporting software has helped us bring the first fully featured DisplayPort 2.1 controller to the market. In anticipation, our organization is positioned to take on an increased number of projects, with the first DP 2.1a release expected to roll-out by December.

To make IP integrations as seamless as possible, we’ve set-up partnerships with some of the top PHY providers in the world. From the initial stages of your project till completion, our experienced team works closely with you to understand your project’s unique needs and challenges, including extensive support during the integration and verification phases to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.

In the sections below, we’ll highlight some of the innovative upgrades to Trilinear Technologies’ latest solution, DisplayPort 2.1.

Ultra-High Bit Rate (UHBR)

With the advent of 4K, 8K and beyond, today’s displays demand higher bandwidth and greater capabilities to ensure smooth, immersive experiences. As video resolutions continue to climb, conventional interfaces face limitations in data transfer rates, leading to choppy visuals and reduced refresh rates. DisplayPort 2.1 offers a maximum data rate of 77.4 Gbps, more than doubling its predecessor’s capabilities. This enormous bandwidth empowers users to enjoy resolutions of 8K and beyond with smooth, uninterrupted performance, ideal for graphics-intensive tasks, professional content creation, and immersive gaming experiences.

Enhanced Refresh Rates and Reduced Latency

Smoothness and fluidity are vital for an enjoyable viewing or gaming experience. DisplayPort 2.1 provides support for higher refresh rates, making motion appear more lifelike and seamless on compatible displays. DisplayPort 2.1 substantially reduces latency compared to its predecessor, ensuring quicker response times and smoother gameplay.

Dynamic HDR Support

With increased bandwidth comes a huge leap in High Dynamic Range capabilities.  HDR enhances the visual spectrum, providing more vibrant colors, deeper contrasts, and improved brightness levels. DisplayPort 2.1 introduces the dynamic HDR feature, which allows the display to adapt its HDR characteristics on a frame-by-frame basis. This adaptive HDR ensures that every moment is optimally displayed, providing unmatched realism and an unrivaled visual experience.

Multi-Stream Transport (MST) Hub Support

Enabled by default in DisplayPort 2.1, MST allows users to connect multiple displays through a single port. MST also simplifies connectivity while maintaining high-resolution and refresh rate capabilities across all connected displays.

Display Stream Compression (DSC) Support

Now included with DisplayPort 2.1, DSC provides visually lossless compression and opens the door to significant improvements in resolutions and refresh rates. DSC is truly visually lossless not only for SDR, but for HDR content. DSC can reduce DisplayPort transport bandwidth in excess of 67% without visual artifacts, enabling higher refresh rates and resolutions, as well as multiple monitor support.

Panel Replay

Another new standard added to the latest DisplayPort protocol, when Panel Replay operation is taking place, DisplayPort tunneling packet reduces transport bandwidth more than 99%.

Versatility and Backward Compatibility

DisplayPort 2.1 maintains backward compatibility with previous DisplayPort standards, ensuring seamless integration with existing devices. This versatility allows users to future-proof their setups while enjoying the full benefits of the latest technology.

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