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DisplayPort Link Policy

The DisplayPort Link Policy Maker (LPM) is a DisplayPort 1.4/2.1 compliant software stack that manages and controls the DisplayPort serial link and AUX channel communications. The software provides for enumeration and configuration of the source and sink devices, adaptive training of the DisplayPort link, video stream allocation and transmission, AUX channel traffic management and handling of all HPD (Hot Plug Detect) events.

The link policy maker integrates seamlessly with Trilinear’s HDCP, MST and Audio management software stacks.

Link training establishes a high-speed data link between the source and sink device. The main link can be configured from one to four lanes and operates between 1.62Ghz and 20Ghz, dependent on the revision of DisplayPort that is supported by the system.  The Link Policy Maker stack can be manually configured or provided with the system bandwidth requirements and allowed to automatically select the optimized settings for the link and the link controller core.

Cores against chaos.

  • DisplayPort 1.4/2.1 and Embedded DisplayPort 1.5 support
  • Applicable for Transmitter (Link Policy Maker) and Receiver (Link Policy Manager)
  • Supports fully adaptive link training (Clock Recovery, Symbol Lock, and inter-lane alignment)
  • Seamless integration with HDCP, MST and audio software
  • Real-time link management and HPD interrupt handling(Hot Plug Detect) interrupts for HDCP and MST – differentiates between plug events and interrupts (from MST, HDCP)
  • Compressed data services available
  • Follows HDCP 1.4a Spec

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