Development Platform

Cobra – Xilinx Kintex-7 Platform

The Trilinear Technologies Cobra Development Platform is a full-function system for software development and core integration of Trilinear Technologies IP cores and code into system designs. The platform accelerates engineering for solution architects and software developers creating products based on Trilinear Technologies products.

The Cobra Development Platform is based on the Xilinx kc705 board, which provides a high degree of functionality, including a 32-bit MIPS processor capable of running custom applications. The board’s video output system uses a standard daughter card. The card includes DisplayPort input and output connectors. The output can drive up to 8K resolution monitors.

A peripheral suite runs a flash-based ROM monitor that loads at power up. The ROM monitor allows downloading of application code developed using the GCC tool chain. Using the integrated SD Card system, developers can upload custom application software for early development.

With Cobra, engineers can simultaneously perform hardware and software evaluation of solutions built on Trilinear products.

Cores against chaos.