Company Background

  • Background: Trilinear Technologies, a provider of Intellectual Property, develops highly complex digital technology for a broad range of video and display markets.
  • Customers: Proudly serving customers both large and small from Fortune 500 companies to newly founded startups. The most advanced customers in the world rely on technology from Trilinear.
  • CEO: Carl Ruggiero, president and chief executive officer.
  • Headquarters: Portland, Oregon, with distribution channels in Europe, Japan and Asia.

Company Description

Founded in 2006 in Oregon’s Silicon Forrest, Trilinear Technologies is a premier supplier of high-quality digital processing technology for the video and display markets. Trilinear excels at developing complex solutions where feature integration and innovation is a premium while maintaining standards compliance and device interoperability.

Our IP solutions are used in a wide array of consumer applications, including smartphones, tablet PCs, portable media players, home theater systems, set-top boxes, gaming devices, and digital TVs. Applications for products within professional markets include large touch screens, video servers, and video wall displays. Applications for products within automotive markets include whole car video systems and integrated navigation devices.

Technology Categories

  • DisplayPort. Trilinear Technologies is a recognized leader in DisplayPort interface technologies that enable today’s consumer, professional and automotive products. Our Intellectual Property portfolio includes DisplayPort compliant Transmitters and Receivers integrating eDP, HDCP, and audio processing capabilities.
  • Digital Video Decoders. Building upon its foundation in digital design expertise, Trilinear Technologies has invested heavily in innovative products designed to meet global demands for efficient, compact digital video decoders. The company entered into the market in 2008 with an initial MPEG-2 based product and has expanded the product portfolio to include DV and h.264. In 2013, the company began development of a next generation HEVC decoder planned for release by late 2014.
  • 4K Video Processing. With a rich history in developing ground breaking image processing algorithms and hardware, Trilinear brings only the best in image quality to 4K applications. The AVP line of image processing cores has been focused on bringing the highest performing algorithms to the market and are ideally suited for the challenges of 4K displays.