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We’re teaming up with Avery Design Systems on new leading-edge DisplayPort IP solutions.

Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) providers Avery Design Systems, Inc. and Trilinear Technologies, Inc. have signed a partnership agreement to provide DisplayPort Interface IP products developed by Trilinear along with DisplayPort verification IP (VIP) products developed by Avery.

“As the DisplayPort standard matures, the verification of DisplayPort systems is becoming critical to delivering first time silicon success and rapid time to market,” said Carl Ruggiero, chief executive officer at Trilinear Technologies, Inc. “Trilinear develops world class DisplayPort products, and are pleased to now partner with Avery Design Systems who share our commitment to product quality. Both Trilinear and Avery have a history of delivering value and success to their customers.”

The new partnership enables Trilinear Technologies and Avery Design Systems to offer an integrated design and verification solution for DisplayPort Transmitter and Receiver customers. Support for the VESA standard includes DisplayPort 1.4, embedded DisplayPort 1.4b as well as Display Stream Compression 1.2. A fully integrated solution from Trilinear and Avery Designs is available now for both Transmitter and Receiver designs.

“We have been pleased to collaborate with Trilinear to support a complete pre-validated design and verification IP solution promoting higher quality and streamlining SoC development for our customers,” said Chris Browy, VP sales and marketing at Avery Design Systems. “Our SystemVerilog/UVM-based DP and eDP source and sink models support automated single and multi-stream video generation/reception, comprehensive protocol checking, and compliance test suites suitable for IP controller-PHY through SoC-level verification and which can be extended for customer-specific sequence scenarios.”


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